Friday, 2 May 2008

Introduction to Home Theater System

What is home theater?
Gone are the days when the family gathered around a 19-inch television to watch a small grainy picture accompanied by sound coming from a single metallic speaker. Today, many homes have advanced television, stereo, and speaker combinations sophisticated enough to be commonly referred to as “home theater systems.”

A home theater system recreates the cinema experience in the comfort of your home. A good home theater system will simulate the sights and sounds of the cinematic action so accurately that the viewer will feel like they are in the middle of the action.
The basic components of a home theater system are the video, receiver, speakers, and source.
The video
The center of a home theater system is the video picture—commonly called the screen. Today, the preferred format is called “high-definition widescreen” (HDTV 16:9). Compared to a traditional television set, the high-definition picture is much clearer and more lifelike while the widescreen format mimics the wide screen shape found in most movie theaters. In general, the larger the room, the larger the video screen should be. For most consumers, the minimum screen size should be about 35 inches.
The receiver
Home theater sound is processed by a piece of audio equipment called a receiver. The receiver converts the sound signal by splitting it up into channels for each individual speaker. Monaural sound comes from one speaker, while stereo sound comes from two. For surround sound to make the listener feel as if they are in the center of the sound, five speakers are needed. This type of surround sound is commonly called 5-channel (or a 5.1 recording). More advanced surround sound adds additional speakers (these are called 6.1 and 7.1 recordings). At minimum, you will need to purchase a 5-channel receiver for a home theater system.
The speakers
The sound from the receiver is reproduced by the speakers. A 5-channel home theater will have five surround speakers (front left, center, front right, back left, and back right) and a subwoofer. The role of the subwoofer is to produce the lowest tones, for ground shaking bass. The center channel speaker carries most of the voice audio, so it is mounted next to the screen. The other speakers are mounted in the corners of the room to give the sound depth and realism.
The source
The term “source” refers to the device that supplies the picture and sound. In most home theaters, it is the television feed (antennae, cable, or satellite), DVD, or DVR machine. All of these sources are digital, which is the preferred format for a high-definition. Most VHS machines cannot provide a high-definition picture or sound (high-definition VHS is called D-VHS, but it is not in widespread use).
How much does it cost?
A home theater system does not have to be expensive. In fact, the beauty of home theater is that it is modular, or built with compatible components, so you can control costs according to a budget. Starting from scratch, a basic home theater system will cost about USD1,000. Pricing for a quality HDTV 16:9 screen will start at about USD500. Prices are more related to screen size than quality, so shop for a good compromise on both. An entry-level surround sound receiver starts at about USD350. At that price, the sound will be good. Spending more money will buy you more power and additional features. A basic 5-channel speaker system with a subwoofer will start at about USD450. Speakers that are more expensive will sound better as they are able to recreate subtle high and low tones, and have richer and deeper bass.Some serious audio lover may go for the better quality such as the Cypress "Serious Cinema System",that is provided you are serious about the sound pleasure,the price tag is about USD5,000.

Where do I start?
Home theater systems are not complicated, but they do require some planning. For the best picture and sound, the screen should be at eye level. The speakers should be placed equidistant around the room for the best sound. With those placements in mind, spend some time taking measurements to determine the best location for the various components and then visit your local electronics retailer.
Individual tastes vary when it comes to video picture and sound quality, so visiting the local electronics store to review video screens and speakers in person is a great place to start. Based on the available space in the room, and home theater budget, the salesperson will help guide you toward the proper components.
A home theater system is nothing more than a set of individual electronic components working together. As technology changes, components will need to be upgraded. Making educated decisions about your initial purchases will ensure your current and future components are compatible, allowing you to enjoy your home theater system for years.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Cypress Serious Cinema PSW8 Subwoofer

Price :USD999.99ec  

Cypress Serious Cinema PSW8 Subwoofer 
A Perfect Subwoofer with Discrete Linear Class A/B Amplifer 
 High Quality Power Subwoofer
Drivers : Two 8” Long Throw Hi Efficiency Drivers, Carbon Fiber Cone with Rubber, Surround.
Amplifier : Discrete Linear Class A/B Amplifier
Power Output : 250 watts Dynamic Power
Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 270 Hz, 6 dB (LPF@Max)
Low Pass Filter : 60 Hz to 125 Hz, 24 dB/Octave (Continue Variable)
Phase Switch : 180 degree Phase Switch (Standby Operation: Auto On/Off Switch)
Peak Outputs (SPL) : 103 dB

High Level (Speaker) : Left & Right High Level Speaker Wire
Low Level (RCA) : Left & Right Low Level RCA Jack

Pressure Clip Terminal : Left & Right High Level Unity Gain
RCA Line Jack : Left & Right Low Level RCA Jack
Unit Dimension : 380mm x 280mm x 760mm (15” x 11” x 30”)
Weight Net/Gross : Net 41 lbs. / Gross 44 lbs.
Cabinet Finish : Masa Maple
Power Requirement : 120VAC 60Hz 250 Max
Remark : Entire System Magnetically Shielded

Cypress Serious Cinema Home Theater System

Price : USD4999.99
Cypress Serious Cinema Home Theater System
For those who are Really Serious in Sound Quality

Monday, 28 April 2008

Cypress 3-Ways Side Speaker System

Perfect Clarity Side Speaker System
Price : USD499.99
Speakers 3-ways Cypress US Designed

3 Way Tower Top Speakers (Left & Right)
Serious cinema System high quality superb sound
Power Handling : 150 watts Dynamic Power
Frequency Response : 100 Hz to 20 KHz
Nominal Impedance : 8 ohm
Efficiency : 90 dB
Tweeter : Silk/Polymer Composite Soft Dome
Mid-Woofers : 4” Hi Efficiency Drivers, Carbon Fiber Cone With Rubber, Surround
Woofers : 5.25” Hi Efficiency Drivers, Carbon Fiber Cone With Rubber, Surround
Connection Terminal : Professional “Gold Infused”, Low Resistance, High Conductivity 5 Way Binding Post.
Unit Dimension : 350mm x 280mm x 395mm (13.8” x 11” x 15.6” )
Weight Net/Gross : Net 20 lbs. / Gross 22 lbs.
Cabinet Finish : Masa Maple
Remark : Entire System Magnetically Shielded